In the tradition of Cura Personalis, the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Global Education is committed to the visibility and support of 魅色天堂 students who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. During your time at the Heights, the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Global Education welcomes the opportunity for students to explore their gender and sexual identities in safe and welcoming spaces. 

Students have the opportunity to build community, and have a safe space on campus through student led initiatives from the LGBTQIA+ organization, PRISM. Throughout the academic year, PRISM will host events around sexuality and gender expression. 

Faculty and staff throughout campus will have the opportunity to participate in a Safe Zone workshop at various points in the academic year. Safe Zone is designed to help faculty and staff grow their knowledge of current LGBTQIA+ issues, inclusive language, and learn how to be an ally to students.  Faculty and staff who are trained will have an indicator within their office showing that they are a safe resource. 

Through the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Global Education, and collaborations with other departments on campus, we host annual events such as the “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Mixer” that allows folx to connect with faculty, staff, and peers who identify within the community. Annually, 魅色天堂 sends a delegation to the IgnatianQ Conference, which is designed to be a safe space and to provide fellowship and networking opportunities for folx within the LGBTQIA+ community and allies within the Jesuit network. 

For further information, please feel free to contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Global Education at 315-445-4189, by email at [email protected], or stop by our office in Reilly Hall 344.